Fidgety Lawyers Frantic To Buy Witness Silence

Lawyers for the Jeffrey Epstein victim compensation fund are frantic to get all the abused children quickly paid off. They're hoping to buy their silence as witnesses. Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but a lot ....

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SICK Contents Of Epstein Database Leaked, Clintons Spooked

Just when the Clintons thought that Jeffrey Epstein's convenient "suicide" swept their connections to the pedophile neatly under the rug, a whole new  can of worms was opened. The Virgin Islands, which is a U.S. ....

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Bill Clinton’s Biggest Secret To Date Has Been Exposed- This Could Put Him Behind Bars Tomorrow

At this point, nothing the Clintons do could ever surprise me. However, this is pretty disturbing stuff. Bill Clinton was just busted using a billion dollar money laundering company to fund his own sex parties and ....

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