Malicious Lies Get Liberal Media Sued For Libel

The New York Times can't cower behind their very own court precedent this time, because they had a "malicious motive." A former NYT editor intentionally lied in a 2019 opinion article, asserting that the Trump ....

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Disgruntled Swamp Spooks Flee Trump’s Wrath

Now that President Donald Trump has the full support of the Senate and a green light to do his job, he's finally cleaning house properly with an outright "purge" of corrupt and disloyal traitors. The ....

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Divisive Film Showcases Liberal Desperation

Universal Studios' controversial decision to release the highly divisive film, The Hunt, on March 13, 2020, showcases how desperate progressives have become. Liberal Democrats don't have a single chance at getting President Donald Trump out ....

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Donna Brazile Turns On The Clinton’s, Reveals Proof Of Hillary’s Many Crimes

Last year’s presidential primary was fixed after all! According to a bombshell claim by Donna Brazile, last years primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was rigged by the Democratic National Committee. This is just ....

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Moments After Mueller Announced Arrests, Podesta Did Something CRIMINAL

Tony Podeta has struggled big time in the wake of the Bob Mueller investigation. Over a dozen lobbying clients have already cut ties with the firm this year and revenues have also declined. Democratic power ....

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This Democrat Senator Just Flipped On Live TV And Unveiled Hillary Clinton’s TREASONOUS Secret

A long simmering battle is back on the field over the role of Donald Trump’s dossier and the fact that the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign was confirmed helping with funding. They put together resources ....

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