Take a look at your palms and you may find out much more!

Are your palms dry?

-If your palms are excessively dry, you need to pay additional care. The palms require proper washing and hydration.

Are your palms dry and cracked?

-Although it is normal for the palms to become dry due to frequent balsam usage, if your skin remains dry even when you apply a hand cream or a lotion, then, you need to consult a doctor. Dry skin may and white patches may actually indicate a more serious problem relating your health.

Are your palms swollen?

-Cancer is known to cause changes in the body, so if you notice anything weird, you need to consult your physician.

Do you feel pain in your palms?

-If you feel ache in your palms without any particular reasons, this may indicate cancer. In fact, cancer causes pain in different organs, including the palms. Moreover, cancer of a totally unrelated body part to the palms can also manifest through pain in the palms.

Other cancer symptoms

Changes and pain in the palms are only one of the possible cancer indicators.  Sudden weight loss, constant fatigue, irritant and persistent coughs and hoarseness can also be symptoms of cancer.


0 thoughts on “TAKE A MINUTE TO LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!: They May Indicate CANCER!!

  1. Sometimes I think there is a cabal of doctors who write these fear mongering stories and laugh as people run in like loons thinking they have cancer when they do not.

    I mean really, can you just see it? “OMG Doc, I saw this story online about my palms and I think I have cancer” Doc: “Lets run some tests” Ten mins later Doc: “Nope, you are fine, no cancer, that will be $12,000 dollars please”

    I mean really lol its so obvious

  2. I refuse to look for every little change in my body and fear I have cancer. Our bodies are always changing. I can’t afford to go to the doctor on a weekly basis.

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