Team Biden Has Been Handed ANOTHER Big Loss!


Biden and his Administrations have been the center of controversies lately… GREAT news indeed for us…

Biden has been trying to bury the Keystone Pipeline controversy, but not the American Patriots who are not willing to let it go.

And it looks like the Attorney Generals are actually fighting for the pipeline, and they’re killing it. They’re about to shove that pipeline right down Joe’s throat – THANKFULLY…

Currently, there are now 23 states fighting to keep the Keystone Pipeline, and their chances look good.

Here’s an Excerpt from Western Journal Reports,

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced that two more attorneys general, Alaska’s Treg Taylor and Florida’s Ashley Moody, had joined the lawsuit declaring President Joe Biden’s executive order revoking the pipeline’s permit unconstitutional.

In addition, the government of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan also announced it would file an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit, which argues the president unconstitutionally changed energy policy set by Congress, which is granted sole authority to regulate foreign and interstate commerce.

“Several exhaustive studies undertaken by the Obama State Department … concluded the Keystone XL pipeline would boost the U.S economy, create American jobs, and safely transport oil throughout the country without increasing greenhouse gas emissions,” read a news release from Knudsen’s office announcing the move. “Despite not having the power to do so, Biden revoked the permit via executive order on his first day in office.”

“The Keystone XL pipeline would cross into the United States in northern Montana and pass through six counties — five of which are designated as high-poverty areas — before proceeding through South Dakota and terminating in Nebraska where it would connect to other existing Keystone pipelines that travel to state-of-the-art refining centers predominantly along the Gulf Coast. Seventeen areas in the proposed project area were identified as minority and/or low-income populations.”

The lawsuit was started by Montana AG Knudsen and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Sources: WayneDupree, WesternJournal