Ted Cruz Just Ripped Biden’s SCOTUS Pick To Shreds!


Republican Senator Ted Cruz did not hold back as he grilled Biden’s SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Tuesday.

Cruz got his first crack at questioning with Jackson, he took the stand to hound her on gender issues and what he described as lenient sentencing in child pornography cases.

Cruz used his legal expertise to grill his former classmate in Harvard Law School over her extraordinarily lenient sentencing record when it comes to sexual predators. Cruz broke down each of the ten cases involving child pornography that Jackson presided over and showed exactly how much time she shaved off their recommended punishments.

Jackson’s troubling history with these types of offenders causes major trouble with the Judge’s credibility to be a Supreme Court nominee.

The senator began to ask the judge about a case called United States v. Stewart, where the defendant was found to have possessed over 6,700 videos and images of pornographic content of children. Jackson sentenced him to 57 months in prison, though prosecutors had asked for 97 months.

According to Cruz, Jackson inexplicably reduced jail time for these crimes by an average of nearly half (47%) “100% of the time. Jackson gave the mandatory minimum sentence that was allowed by law, and/or drastically reduced their jail time far below the prosecution’s recommendation.

Cruz then asked Jackson point-blank if her record in these types of cases is doing enough to protect the children who are being exploited, this is after laying his argument out as clearly as possible,

Cruz then asks Jackson:

“Do you believe the voice of the children is heard when 100% of the time you’re sentencing those in possession of child pornography to far below what the prosecutor’s asking for?”

Watch Jackson’s response just speaks to how truly radical she is.

Biden’s SCOTUS pick has had a hell of a day on Capitol Hill. In the past few hours, she has defended her advocacy for Islamist terrorists who killed Americans, baselessly justified her lenient punishment of pedos – more than once – and exposed her radicalism repeatedly throughout.

And, we are only on day one of questioning. This is going to be a long week. Jackson is the most radical pick in history for the high court. It could not be worse.

Is there another judge out there with a worse record than this woman?

Source: TheGatewayPundit