Teen Thugs Carrying Shovels and Clubs Threaten to Shoot Donald Trump in Rap Video

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A group of teen thugs threaten to murder Republican Donald Trump in a new amateur rap video.

The young rappers threaten Trump as the march down the street with clubs and shovels.
Mark Dice reported:

A group of black teens posted a music video threatening to shoot Donald Trump in what they’re calling the “F*ck Trump Anthem” as they march down the street carrying baseball bats and shovels. Clearly these kids have been influenced by mainstream gangster rap artists like Rick Ross and others who have called for the murder of Donald Trump. Media analyst Mark Dice shows you some clips from their disturbing video, and decodes their ghetto talk. Song by DooleyFunny, Tlow, and Lor Roger – CIT4DT.

0 thoughts on “Teen Thugs Carrying Shovels and Clubs Threaten to Shoot Donald Trump in Rap Video

  1. The individual narrating the report on the video not only sounds like a racist, but also every bit as ignorant and clueless as the young clueless juveniles in it.

    In saying what I have I am by no means defending the young juveniles appearing in the video concerning the rap sung lyrics because they were wrong ., But so to was the extremely racist way in which the narrator spoke on the video when it came to his choice of words when referring to the juveniles in it, their parents and Africa Americans in general. ” Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

  2. now look at their young faces they probably have been on gov. warfare and never went to school or have a 3rd grade education. I fill sorry for the way our great Country has done to our U S citizens

  3. Used to Be that If you even said in Public that you are gonna Kill a President of the United State’s! You were Arrested and Put in Jail. and i do believe there was a Max Jail time that you had to do. This is sad. these Kid’s cause that’s what they are. Are so Clueless. They wouldn’t know what Respect was if it hit them in the face.

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