The Bible Is To Blame: Idiot “The View” Co-Host Revan-Symoné Blames The Bible For Clinton Scandals

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Hillary Clinton’s supporters have a unique talent for coming up with off-the-wall excuses that they believe justify her criminal activity or prove that the whole world is against Clinton because she is a woman.

Breitbart reported that Revan-Symoné, a co-host of “The View,” claimed that the Bible was to blame for all of the scandals Clinton is currently battling.

“I feel like there’s this stigma since the beginning of (the) human race that a woman is untrustworthy. It starts in the Bible,” she stated while defending Clinton.

Some of the show’s other hosts suggested that perhaps Clinton’s scandals were the reason that so many voters view Clinton as dishonest.

Simon discounted these arguments, claiming that people need to “get over it” because Clinton has explained away all the controversies.

“She’s explained many times what the situation was and why they’re coming after her … I think that’s a problem; get over it already,” said Symoné.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a character like Symoné would claim that the Bible is the reason everyone hates Clinton. It couldn’t possible have anything to do with the blatant abuse of power, or the deaths of Americans because of her actions.

In the minds of Clinton supporters, if you don’t like Clinton, it can only be because you’re sexist. These are the same people who believe that anyone who disagrees with President Barack Obama only does so because they are racist.

I wonder what their excuse will be if Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wins the Democrat presidential nomination. After all, Democrats pride themselves on not being sexist or racist and supporting diversity.

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  1. WHY ON EARTH DO THEY KEEP THAT CLOWN ON THE SHOW??? She hasn’t a clue which end is up and her style puts skid row apparel to shame with some of the outfits she wears on The View!!! If there’s anyone who wants to hear her childish view, I know of nobody!!!! The View needs to get her off there before she runs more of us off. I stopped watching it because I couldn’t stand looking at her. The Talk has nicely dressed ladies on there……..they care enough about the public to clean up for them!!!! Goodness, she is one dumb whatever it is she is…can’t tell if she’s a female or a guy dressed like one on some Queen Show!

  2. Her name is Raven not Revan. Hard to believe any story when you can’t even get the celebrities name right who you are writing about. Great editing and fact checking people!!

  3. What happened to her????? Does being part of Nickelodeon or the Disney channel really cause people to turn out this way or is it something else????

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