One Woman Documented The Difference Between ‘The Women’s March’ And ‘The March For Life’

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As you know, the ‘March for Life’ was yesterday.

One woman, who had the opportunity to attend both ‘The Mach for Life’ and ‘The Women’s March on Washington’ documented the differences between the two events.

What she captured speaks louder than words.

This right here is PROOF there is something seriously wrong with half of the nation.

VIA| A week after the Inauguration of Donald Trump, politically active women across America could choose to make themselves heard at two major rallies revolving around women’s issues. They could attend a pro-choice, feminist march known as the Women’s March or they could wait one week and attend the 44th annual pro-life, March for Life.

Some lucky few, such as myself, were able to attend both.

The marches had their similarities. Both marches were held in DC. Both marches were heavily attended by women. And both marches attracted people from all over the country to participate. But each march was not made equal.

Being physically at the marches, it is easy to recognize differences between the two. In fact, some of the differences were downright stunning. Take a look for yourself, perhaps you will agree.

Young Adults at the March for Life

Young Adults at the Women’s March

Examples of inclusion at The March for Life

Signs at the Women’s March


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