The Camera Turned To Him At The Ballgame, And He Totally Freaked Out For…


You never know what you’re going to see at a stadium during a game…even if that means something that happens among the fans.

That’s exactly what happened during a Boston Red Sox-Cleveland Indians game when one Red Sox fan was caught on camera immediately removing his arm from around the shoulder of a woman sitting to his left. He also froze for a second with his mouth open.

Immediately, the internet, specifically Reddit, ran with the moment and labeled the man a cheater. Twitter joined in, calling the woman his side chick.

Photo Credit: Jim Epler/Flickr, Cristina Souza/Flickr

“The funny part is once you’ve been seen with the arm on her what does taking it off do except to make you both look even guiltier?” one person commented.

Some users thought that the woman was the one trying to hide a side relationship from her partner. She sits with her hat partially covering her face, and some think she is telling the man to “get off” once she notices the camera is showing them.

“She’s the one who tells him what’s up,” one person wrote. “You can read her mouth ever slightly saying ‘get off.’ That’s when he takes his arm off.”

“Look at how anxious she looks too,” another replied. “People who are calm and not worried don’t do [what] she’s doing with her hands. She looks like she’s worried she’s about to be caught.”

However, after the moment went viral, the man’s cousin was first to take to Reddit to explain the sitch, explaining they’re married. 

“Just got an explanation from him via text,” his alleged cousin wrote in the thread, revealing his cousin’s text read: “We think it was just a bad play by Sox Cause we were having fun the whole night. No idea otherwise tho, we definitely didn’t know we were on tv and I don’t think we were on the Jumbotron although it was behind us.”

And the man who was thought to have been caught with his side chick on the jumbo screen at a Red Sox game has taken to Reddit to explain himself.

 “This is me, the wife and I had no idea we were on TV,” he wrote on Reddit. “Can’t remember whats happening here although we had a 10/10 date night. Guess my arm needed to go though haha.”

It was a false alarm, we guess. In other words, you’re safe!–v9Iip3Wg

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