The Government Wouldn’t Do It, So Texas Came To Save The Day!


The Southern Border crisis has been a major concern for how many decades now, Joe Biden is totally aware of it, and entire America does, but Biden doesn’t care at all. He wants America flooded with illegal aliens.

Recently, More than 320 migrants arrived in Port-au-Prince on three flights, and Haiti said six flights were expected Tuesday. In all, U.S. authorities moved to expel many of the more 12,000 migrants camped around a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, after crossing from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.

Law enforcement officials with the state of Texas appear to have taken control of the situation in Del Rio, Texas after the Biden administration repeatedly failed to stop tens of thousands of migrants from illegally entering the United States.

Central Americans have also crossed the border in comparable numbers without being subject to mass expulsion, although Mexico has agreed to accept them from the U.S. under pandemic-related authority in effect since March 2020. Mexico does not accept expelled Haitians or people of other nationalities outside of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

When the border was closed Sunday, the migrants initially found other ways to cross nearby until they were confronted by federal and state law enforcement. An Associated Press reporter saw Haitian immigrants still crossing the river into the U.S. about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) east of the previous spot, but they were eventually stopped by Border Patrol agents on horseback and Texas law enforcement officials.

As they crossed, some Haitians carried boxes on their heads filled with food. Some removed their pants before getting into the river and carried them. Others were unconcerned about getting wet.

These Illegal aliens really believed the Buck Biden will save their as*ses.

Source: Daily Wire