Tucker Carlson Strikes Again Complete Destroys Anti-Trump Protester, Forces Him To Make Shocking Confession On Air

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In what could be the most bizarre ”Tucker Carlson’ interview to date, he confronts a loony Trump Protestor (entrusted by the media) who claims to have a multi million dollar cooperation under a false name. As soon as Tucker catches him in a lie, he makes a SHOCKING admission in LIVE television. WTF did I just watch?

VIA| On Tuesday, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” quickly took a turn for the bizarre.

Carlson brought on Dom Tullipso, an anti-Trump activist who claims to be paying almost two thousand people $2,500 per month to protest the president-elect. But Carlson kicked things off with an unusual twist; he confronted Tullipso about being a ‘fake’ person.

Carlson said:

“So this is a sham. Your company isn’t real. Your website is fake. The claims you have made our lies. This is a hoax.

Let me start at the beginning however with your name Dom Tullipso, which is not your real name. It’s a fake name. We ran you through law enforcement level background checks and that name does not exist.

So let’s start out with the truth, tell me what your real name is.”

Tullipso replied by telling Carlson his name is Dominic. The spat between the two continued, with Carlson pointing out that there was no way Tullipso could be paying $2,500 per month to protesters.


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