The Walls Have CAVED On Whitmer The Witch!


Gretchen Whitmer is a first-term governor and rising star in the Democratic Party, a vocal critic of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus health crisis, and a strong opponent of the president in the contentious dispute over when the country should reopen for business.

But now Gretchen Whitmer is being hit after hit.

As we’ve seen in the past, this sequence of events only leads to one thing: the game’s conclusion. And it appears that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has gone as far as she can go. The mouse is locked inside the box it mistakenly dropped over himself, stuck in her own trap of COVID 19 restrictions and warnings, or, in this case, herself.

Gretchen received a barrage of criticism after she was spotted violating her own COVID-19 limitations by flying to Florida on a private airplane and sitting with 13 others in a restaurant. And if that wasn’t horrible enough, she recently learned that her “repeal” had been given the green light to proceed.

But it’s got to be what the GOP just did to Hillary that’s the most humiliating punishment she’s ever received. The Michigan Republican Party just passed a veto-proof law requiring the state to repay all COVID-19 fees.

This is the ultimate retaliation, as well as a complete and absolute humiliation.

This is a huge deal!

Breitbart News,

The state House quickly passed HB 4501 by a vote of 74-34, a bill introduced after Breitbart News exposed Whitmer’s violation of her restaurant table capacity directive last weekend.

“If the governor can violate her orders without any repercussions, then why should our business owners be fined,” asked state Rep. Steve Johnson (R).

The fines and penalties have been linked to Whitmer’s executive directives, which the Michigan Supreme Court eventually declared illegal.

According to Center Square, 96 fines totaling $259,200 were issued by Whitmer’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. There are 112 “open” cases involving suspected infractions, with potential fines totaling $364,200. Currently, 29 of them are being challenged.

Breitbart News reported the Whitmer administration has sanctioned 56 restaurants and bars as a result of her demands. Other firms, such as home builders and office equipment providers, have also been impacted, according to Johnson.