The Way This Woman Stopped A Gas Station Robbery Is Absolutely Insane!


During a terrifying robbery, a WOMAN performed a sex act on the robber to distract him until cops turned up.

The thief, 24, allegedly forced a staff member at the station to hand over cash in a petrol station in Bratislava, Slovakia on Wednesday.

But how far would you go to stop a crime in progress and catch a criminal?

The woman – who is not believed to be an employee – reportedly performed an oral sex act on the 24-year-old thief in a bid to stop him from fleeing. Her bold and questionable behavior worked, allowing officers to catch the suspect.

According to the DailyMail reports:

The bizarre incident began when the man ran into the petrol station and demanded that staff hand over money, reported local news station Noviny.

The robber punched a staff member behind the counter multiple times, before taking money from the cash register. He then went to the back office, where a second member of staff was sitting and demanded that they open the safe.

While the safe was being opened, the first member of staff ran outside and called the police, who raced to the scene.

Meanwhile, the ‘mystery’ woman appeared and began performing a sex act on the man, delaying his escape.

When police arrived, they found the suspect and the woman half-naked on the floor. The man is said to have “put up a stiff resistance” but was eventually subdued by officers after “coercive measures were used against him.”

The robber was arrested at the gas station after trying to rob it, thanks to the woman’s questionable, yet effective, stall tactics. Although the woman’s methods worked, this obviously isn’t something that should be encouraged.

It is not clear if the woman performed the reported act on the man out of fear of being assaulted.

Bratislava police spokesperson Michal Szeiff told TASR: “In one of the rooms, the officers saw the man receiving sexual services from the young woman.”

According to local media, the woman told police when they arrived: “Take him, I can’t anymore.”

Mr. Szeiff said the thief resisted arrest forcing cops to “use force” to detain him.

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