The Wayfair Child Trafficking Scandal Has Been Blown WIDE OPEN!


When you are reporting on an incident, you have to try and remain as impartial as possible. However, when it comes to Wayfair, I have an extremely hard time doing that.

Several years ago, before I moved my family across country, we picked out a couple of new pieces of furniture that we ordered from Wayfair. One of them was a coffee table and I have to say it was the biggest pain in the ass dealing with these people. It was a simple coffee table, and they couldn’t get it right.

We got sent four coffee tables that were severely damaged and every time we would get a new one, the replacement was somehow worse than the one it was supposed to replace. After what seemed like a month of trying to get rid of these things the finally sent someone who while in the act of picking them up took a swing at me when I told them they were supposed to pick up something else and they had to be asses about it.

Am I sad that children are being exploited? A resounding yes. Am I happy that Wayfair is getting what is coming to them? YES!

From Eric Neptune:

This is copied and shared from a colleague’s post… But as a father a.k.a. daddy I cannot even imagine… Please bring awareness to this cause.

2000 children go missing PER DAY in the U.S. alone. That’s 800,000 kids vanished every year. Being a parent and knowing that statistic 😷🤮 or even thinking about what those poor children must experience is horrific. 😭💔

Proof after proof is being exposed to us that there IS a global human/child trafficking ring, that it’s a MULTI BILLION dollar business $98 BILLION to be exact….that’s not a typo NINETY EIGHT BILLION (more than the sports & music industry COMBINED) & the elite are involved but yet, it continues to go almost completely unnoticed by the media.


Don’t you find it pretty interesting that 99% of the media is controlled & operated by 6 corporations who could easily manipulate what we are told, see & believe? 🤔👇🏼

Why do you think this major epidemic is rarely being talking about?

More importantly, who do you think would NOT want this kind of news broadcasted for everyone to see?

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