Their Dog Got Hit By A Car, Then They Put A Sign Up That Had Everyone….


Nobody puts up safety signs without reason. Signs like Slippery when wet. Sharp turn ahead. High voltage. Keep out. These bits of information are aimed to help you move around places and inform you where you’re going.

They let you know what you can do and, more often, what’s off-limits. Whether by warning or guiding you, they are intended to send clear messages that would make any perplexed citizen feel instantly at ease.

It’s no secret that signs are everywhere we look. Most of them have a function and purpose, mainly to keep us out of harm’s way.

However, our featured story for today has something to do with a sign intended for speeding drivers, basically a warning sign.

After the accidental death of his dog, one father has to take immediate action so it won’t happen to his kids or anyone from the neighborhood.

So the man posted a sign on his lawn that includes a threat to drivers coming through the neighborhood at high speed.

“We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down,” the sign read. “If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.”

Photo Credit: Imgur, Another Believer/Wikimedia Commons

It was orginal posted by Reddit user Choey33 and quickly went viral after it was shared in social media.

According to Opposing Views, many readers applauded the man for putting up the sign and making a strong statement about safety.

“Love the sign. People drive way too fast in neighborhoods. More than 20 is to fast. Kids on bikes. Kids playing in their own yard and a ball goes in the street, it happens. So why is there this problem. Well it’s because people are f**king idiots. Plain and simple,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Damn straight! One of my dogs got away from me and the woman who ran over him didn’t even slow down. Just ran over him. Same could happen to a child,” another wrote.

“f people would slow down they might get to where their going without any problems. Because the place their going won’t move before they get there,” noted a third.

Of course, there are some folks who felt that the dog’s owners didn’t deserve sympathy, considering that they let the animal roam free.

“I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. Have the same problem in my neighborhood. Everyone thinks it is free range country for dogs and cats. My dogs do not leave my property without my permission,” one reader commented.

“Keep your dog on a leash! If you cared about your fur friend you would take better care of them,” another wrote.

“Is it just me or if your dog was controlled you would not have this problem take some blame,” a third added.

“Speeding is bad, but your dog and kids are your responsibility to keep them out of the street,” a fourth chimed in.

“I am sorry for your loss but your dog should be in a fenced yard or on a leash,” another reader wrote.

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