Their Principal Took A Picture So Sickening Their Parents Pulled Them Out Of School Immediately….


Many parents are fed up with a school principal’s history of unprofessional behavior that started with a photo of Penny Mueller pretending to perform oral sex on the Washington Monument.

Mueller’s problems began when the educational leader of Crestomere School posed for a photo in which she simulated fellatio on the phallic-shaped Washington Monument while in the U.S. capital for a taxpayer-funded conference.

Another teacher from the K-9 facility was reprimanded and fined $500 by the Alberta Teacher’s Association for posting the picture on her Facebook page where it was seen by shocked parents and former students.

Photo Credit: Twitter/DanRiehl

But the ATA’s investigation into a similar complaint against Mueller found there was insufficient evidence to warrant a disciplinary hearing.

“It was a private photo,” ATA executive secretary Gordon Thomas said. “The principal didn’t post it.”

The lack of action and even Mueller’s Pinterest page stuffed with Internet memes has led some parents to pull their children out of the rural school even though there isn’t another school for miles.

Parent Lori Turner pulled her children out of the school after Mueller criticized her in a private meeting over the photo with senior officials at the Wolf Creek School Division.

“She asked me if I had never been young and stupid once, and I said ‘sure,’ but never when my career was guiding and mentoring children,” Turner said.

Mueller said she’s never done anything unprofessional and her parents are out to destroy her life. Although Mueller’s Pinterest is no longer available and her Twitter account has been deleted, the newspaper shared Mueller’s reposting of images commonly found on the Internet from a year ago, such as a drawing of two women playing squash in tight shorts.

Crestomere School principal Penny Mueller posted this someecard to social media. (

The principal’s online behavior perturbs parent Barb Neilson, according to another interview, because Mueller is “supposed to be a strong female role model.”

“She was posting humor that was not cool at all,” Neilson added.

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