There May Be A DARK SECRET About CNN’s Cuomo And Stetler!


We’re about the uncover some very juicy behind-the-scenes at CNN involving Stelter and Cuomo.

A shocking secret about Chris Cuomo that also involves Brian Stelter has been revealed by the popular talk radio host Derek Hunter. He confessed about what is going on at Cuomo, Stelter, and CNN right now.

It was previously reported and confirmed that Cuomo has been fired after finding out that he helped his perverted brother behind the scenes fight against the sexual harassment allegations that the NY AG said he’s guilty of.

Evidence shows by an email that Cuomo made a way and crafted one statement to help his brother.

And he used his position and power at CNN to smear on behalf of his brother, this is according to one of his accusers.

And because of the multiple calls for Cuomo to be ousted and fired, he didn’t take it anymore and went on vacation to hide from the public eyes.

While Brian Stelter has defended his failing networks handling of the Cuomo mess, the rumor on the street is that Brian wants Chris booted.

Here’s what Derek Hunter had to say: “I’ve heard that privately @brianstelter is telling friends & some colleagues he thinks @CNN needs to let @ChrisCuomo
go, he’s too damaged to do his job anymore. But @CNNPR and management don’t want to give “right-wing media a victory” so they’ll stand with him no matter what.”

That sounds like it could be spot-on.

This only proved that Brian Stelter and CNN would rather choose to keep a person like Cuomo that deserves to be fired than give the right some “win.”

Very childish.

Source: Wayne Dupree