THESE ARE GREAT!: 14 Times The Paparazzi Got Their A$$ES KICKED By Celebrities


Celebrities have it easy. I’m never going to try to convince you that their lives are nearly as stressful as someone who doesn’t have millions of dollars at their disposal. To do that would be asinine and down right patronizing to the individuals who read our articles. This does not mean however, that celebrities don’t deal with some stressful stuff on the daily basis. Being constantly watched by people wherever you go would get pretty annoying after a while. People would always be coming up to you wanting pictures and autographs. While many of you may be saying to yourself, “Well that is a small price to pay for fame and riches”, I think we can all agree that dealing with it day after day would get old. Probably the ultimate annoyance of being a celebrity would be dealing the paparazzi. These people have reputations for being absolutely relentless when it comes to getting the perfect shot to sell to a media outlet. There are stories of some celebrities even begin run off the road because the paparazzi was chasing them in their vehicles. Well when it comes to putting the paparazzi in their place, these celebrities seem to know just how to handle the situation. Take a look at some of the celebrities that lashed out when they finally had enough of constantly being followed by cameras.


1. If you decide to follow Cameron Diaz with a camera, be prepared for her to take it. Also be prepared for her to tackle you if you take it back.


2. Sean Penn plays some badass characters, but apparently he isn’t afraid to let some of that aggression translate into his interactions with the paparazzi.


3. She came in like a wrecking ball!


4. Russell Brand has no time for your shenanigans!


5. Who on Earth would ever be scared of Justin Bieber….


6. The only Baldwin brother with any talent.


7. One of the best celebrity meltdowns in history. Britney was just off her rocker at this point.


8. This was probably preferable to overdosing on drugs in a brothel.


9. Even though he plays a non-contact sport, he can still throw a good forearm.


10. This guy just needs to be banished from memory. What a joke.


11. I honestly did not know who Lily Allen was. Even after I Googled her, I still had no idea.


12. Why was he just walking around with a hockey stick is my immediate question.


13. This is Gerard Butler’s death stare, none who have seen it have survived.


14.  The camera man actually looks to be enjoying this ass kicking.

Celebrities versus the paparazzi is an eternal struggle that will always be there. If you become famous, you have to deal with the fact that you are most likely going to have a camera in your face from the moment you step outside, to the moment you get back home. It may not be right, but that is the world we live. We want constant updates on what celebrities are doing what, who they are dating, and what they are wearing. At least when the two sides come into conflict, it makes for some good entertainment.

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