These ‘Homeless’ Women Begged For Help, But Then The Truth Came Out…


A British backpacker and her French friend have come under fire after asking for help finding work in Australia.

Annise Daisy Jane and Sonia are currently living in Melbourne and searching for work to try and make some money – but the photo accompanying their profile has caused a stir.

The pair made a plea for help to find a job saying they had been unsuccessful after dropping off their resumes at numerous businesses.

With this, they thought it would be the best idea to turn to social media to ask for help finding work while they were traveling the world.

“We are both broke, jobless, and homeless in a week. Not desperate but serious,” Annise wrote on Facebook. “Available for work in Melbourne as soon as possible (ASAP). Getting nowhere with applying for jobs or dropping off cv’s. If anyone can help recommend any farm work, hospitality jobs or receptionist, etc., please let us know!!”

But the friends received unexpected backlash over the photo they decided to share along with their plea for help to find work. The photograph showed the two friends dressed in skimpy outfits and hugging while attending a festival.

According to AWM, many folks online criticized the photo, with one claiming it didn’t give potential employers a good impression:

“As someone who employs lots of regional workers every year, I believe the first impression is important,” one person wrote. “As you are applying from your Facebook, I recommend having a professional profile pic and locking up your Facebook, so it doesn’t show your lifestyle. Having a picture of you partying doesn’t help your cause.”

The potential employer added, “Also, take the criticism and people’s suggestions on this thread and don’t call them out because that is the last thing potential employers want to see. If you want opportunities, you need to go remote. There’s always an abundance of jobs with accommodation included.”

One woman added, “Maybe put up normal photos then because, sorry to say, these ones just make people think your party girls.”

According to AWM, they later deleted the post after being criticized online, but Annise and Sonia are still out there looking for work.

However, there are still sympathetic locals who have offered to help them find employment in regional areas of Australia. For now, Annise and her French friend Sonia remain homeless as they continue their search for a place to work. It is unclear how long the two will stay Down Under…

Source: AWM