They Are Now ARRESTING Trump Supporters Just For Being In Washington DC!


Hateful Biden continue to use all government resources just to arrest Trump supporters who were standing HUNDREDS of Yards away from the US Capitol. This is insane!

The Revolver news has been making exceptional reporting with the Jan. 6 protest, and recently, they even revealed the FBI’s involvement in planning and running operatives at the US Capitol that day.

Retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown was one of many Americans who were arrested for attending the Jan. 6 protests and standing outside of the US Capitol and it was previously reported that he was arrested last week in Florida for the crime of “doing nothing but standing only outside the US Capitol,” the arrest affidavit says.

It was also said that Mr. Brown was attempted to be recruited as an operative to work the Jan. 6 protest for the FBI.

Recently, the corrupt FBI and Biden’s Department of Justice have issued a new map that shows anyone who was near the US Capitol on Jan. 6 can now be arrested. Clearly a new maneuver for these two corrupted agencies.

For the record, the Capitol was never marked that day that it is an illegal space on the day when the protesters arrived and the protesters were NEVER warned.

This is the two-tiered US Justice system at its finest.

“The Justice Department explained in its peculiar arrest affidavit for Brown, an Army Green Beret veteran and Oath Keeper associate, that anyone who set foot anywhere in a giant swath of land ranging from the Capitol’s Westside lawn to its East side promenade is technically guilty of trespassing:

Under ordinary circumstances, these “grounds” are open to the public, not “restricted.” But because law enforcement erected some police barriers and fencing there on January 6—barriers that were all but removed before most of the attendees even arrived at the Capitol—thousands of Trump supporters unknowingly crossed an imaginary Maginot Line.”

To give you an idea of how big this space is, here is a map illustration showing the distance from one side of the restricted area to the other side of the US Capitol restricted area is nearly half a mile. This is insane!

Trump supporters and protesters had NO IDEA this was restricted space.

No signs, no warnings. This is just another maneuver to put pressure against us.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, The Revolver News