They Asked Biden To Do A Basic Math Problem, And Boy Was It Rough….


President Joe Biden attempted but failed, to tackle basic mathematics while explaining his economic plan for the country in Ohio on Thursday.

However, to be fair to the president, it was later in the day.

According to C-SPAN, Biden was speaking at Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Community College, where he asked for free community college tuition, as outlined in his roughly $2 trillion American Families Plan.

Biden rambled on and on — and then rambled on some more. For around 40 minutes, the commander-in-chief bored everyone by refusing to stand still and abusing that poor sign language translator.

Eventually, he got around to talking about corporate stock buybacks during his speech. As you can see in the video below, Biden isn’t very good at business — or math.

“You got over 50 percent going to stock buybacks and the other percent, I think it’s 42 percent — let me see, 56 — it’s 40 — uh, no, it’s 38 percent, goes to, um, dividends, which is reasonable.”

“But here’s the point: After all is said and done, that leaves 8 percent of that trillion dollars for research and development.”

Biden’s solution to the problem was 102 percent, according to the RNC Research Twitter account that publicized Biden’s gaffe.

Biden may have just revealed why his government is spending the country off the cliff. Maybe, just maybe, this is why Democrats are so bad at money management: the most powerful among them can’t add two numbers together.

To Biden’s growing list of worrying gaffes, add his sloppy bookkeeping. The man can’t string more than a few lines together without baffling everyone around him, especially the poor sign language interpreter.

In recent weeks, Biden seemed to have grown more at ease when giving remarks. Unfortunately for those of us who watch them, he hasn’t improved on the portion where he speaks.

No farther than the following recent attempts to communicate some sort of coherence:

Biden represents America’s interests abroad, where our adversaries are constantly on the lookout. Don’t expect Biden to invite the Chinese or North Koreans to the table anytime soon after his math mishap in Ohio on Thursday.

Why should either country’s representatives interact with the 78-year-old? Biden has demonstrated that he is his own worst enemy.

To take benefit of the country, all one has to do is remain out of the way.

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