They Caught Him Peeping Under A Girl’s Stall, What These Dads Did To Him Is Pure Karma!


A 53-year-old man has been accused of looking under a woman’s bathroom stall at a Duncan Cracker Barrel restaurant in South Carolina.

It all started when a 15-year-old girl noticed something move by her feet and saw a man with his “head under the stall looking at her.” However, despite trying to flee, the pervert ran right into a group of angry fathers.

Douglas Lane, the creep pervert who was looking under the divider from an adjacent stall to get a peek at young girls in the women’s restroom was immediately taken down by the irate father, leaving the accused Peeping Tom battered and bloody.

“The guy came running, sprinting out the front door with a very bloody nose,” a witness said.

Lane, a registered sex offender, is now facing charges of voyeurism, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia for the alleged incident Sunday after a group of dads in town for a girls’ softball tournament followed him into the parking lot and held him until police could arrive.

One witness expressed the terrifying moment:

“I’ll never forget the way they looked after. They were traumatized.”

Video footage shows that the registered sex offender sitting defeated on the lawn outside of the restaurant as a crowd of determined men surrounds and confront him after Lane attempted to escape the blows from the angry father.

Lane even desperately tried to evade the group of men. However, he was quickly tackled to the ground by several fathers, who then proceeded to detain him until the police arrived.

Lane was later arrested and charged with voyeurism, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. However, he maintains his innocence, claiming that he didn’t know he had entered the women’s bathroom until he sat down and peeked under the stall. Police later found his cell phone on the bathroom floor and collected it as evidence.

Douglas Lane

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The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigators confirmed that Lane was registered as a sex offender in 2008. He was first convicted in 2004 for secretly peeping at two children aged 8 and 9. He was again convicted of secretly peeing into another room at a victim who was 18 years or older.

Lane was previously convicted of voyeurism in South Carolina in 1997 as well as failure to register as a sex offender in 1999. He has been charged with peeping at least eight times prior to the most recent incident.

Most fathers would agree that Lane got off easy with only a bloody nose to show for it. In fact, if Lane hadn’t tried to flee in the first place, he may have suffered far worse consequences for his actions.

Sex offenders are constantly entering and exiting the justice system and victimizing women and children after being given every opportunity at freedom. It’s safe to say that after eight previous episodes of alleged voyeurism, Lane isn’t going to stop simply because another sexual offense is added to his record.

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