They Gave Their Adopted Daughters A DNA Test And The Results Blew Them Away…


They say that blood is thicker than water. But this proverb is more than just words to a couple from Missouri named Staci and James Maneage.

Their amazing story started when they adopted 10-year-old Elliana from a Chinese orphanage.

“We knew she was ours right away,” said Staci, as she recalled seeing her would-be daughter for the first time. The Missouri couple made Elliana feel at home, and soon, she was a part of the Maneage family.

The Maneages were members of Calvary Church in St. Peters, where they met a family that had also adopted a little girl from China.  The parents were named Steve and Paige Galbierz and their daughter’s name was Kinley.

Elliana, 10, and Kinley, 7, became fast friends, living in the same town and attending the same school together. Since the two families lived only three minutes of walk apart, the two girls quickly got acquainted and started growing closer to one another.

Gradually, Elianna’s parents began to wonder about the striking resemblance between the two girls. Although they knew the girls had been adopted from two different cities in China, the similarities between them were too great to ignore.

Consequently, they decided to run a DNA test on the girls. “They pout the same way. Their personalities are the same,” the source quoted Staci as stating.

Due to the high volume of orphans in China, children’s pasts are usually unknown. There was no way to find out if the two girls were related other than referring to their DNA.

Despite their doubts, both families went through with the test. In a surprising turn, Staci’s hunch was proven correct. Elliana and Kinley were a 99.9% match.

Despite the age difference and the long distance between their birthplaces, fate had somehow brought the two siblings together again. And the girls couldn’t be happier together…

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Source: AWM