They Had The Housekeeper On Hidden Camera, What Happened When She Pulled Back The Sheets Is….


Becoming a hotel housekeeper may not always be the most glamorous job, but it’s a job that can help pay the bills. Hotel staff relies on these cleaning services to be done every single day, multiple times a day, to ensure that guests are receiving the very best service possible when they stay the night. From taking care of the laundry to making beds to tidying up the room after room, cleaning work is no easy feat as it is incredibly time-consuming.

After all, this housekeeper named “Alice” had been through some pretty tough times already. With just a few dollars to her name, Alice had been working one low-paying job after another just to make ends meet.

Alice landed her job under an unusual set of circumstances. In 2013, she strolled up to a hotel’s front desk with a bubble of confidence around her. No one would have ever guessed that she didn’t have a dime to her name.

With no previous experience and with nothing left to lose, she walked right up to the front desk and asked to speak with someone about possible employment at the hotel.

It all started with the woman stumbling upon a “Help Wanted” sign outside the hotel. With nothing to lose, she went straight inside and asked to speak with the owner. She told the person in charge that she was available for any type of work they need.

Even though the owner was hesitant to give the woman the job, the hotel really needed a new housekeeper. Some of the guests that came through the Park City, Utah, hotel could be horrible.

Photo Credit: GiveBackFilms

Until she met, Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson, the two men who made a name for themselves a few years back by doing good deeds all over the United States. They don’t ask for recognition, but they do videotape the reactions of people who are the recipients of the nice acts.

Alice was clearly more capable at housekeeping than the hotel manager had first thought, and as business improved, she wished there was some way she could repay the hard-working maid. Unfortunately, the manager didn’t have the resources to do so — that’s when Oreffice and Gibson stepped in.

Photo Credit: GiveBackFilms

Oreffice and Gibson, who run the YouTube channel Give Back Films, found a small hotel and decided to give back to a hard worker.

After talking with a fellow employee at the hotel, they became aware that the woman had just recently been hired and was in need of some extra money. So Give Back Films got to work, leaving $500 under the sheets of a bed, placing cameras around the hotel room, and waiting for the employee’s arrival.

Photo Credit: GiveBackFilms

When she entered the room, the woman began to clean until she lifted up the bed sheets and placed her hand over her mouth. The video shows her standing in silence for several seconds. It’s not until she sees Oreffice and Gibson outside the room that she begins to speak.

“I cannot accept this. You have to take it back,” she said.

But the woman is told to keep the money and that she deserves it.

Oreffice and Gibson started their channel “Give Back Films” this past November to encourage others to give service and help each other out.

“I think that’s our underlying goal in this channel is to be able to have people not only read about kind acts, but I think it’s fun to be able to go to a YouTube channel and see something happening that’s good, so then it makes you feel good and it makes you feel happy. And then it will hopefully influence you to go out and do the same thing,” Gibson told the Deseret News.

Although their channel is fairly new, it already has more than 250,000 subscribers and more than 9 million video views.

“I think there’s something really cool about someone being genuinely happy, and it’s exciting. It feels good,” Gibson said. “Through watching the video, you can vicariously feel what it’s like to give to other people, and you experience a little bit of that happiness when watching the video — or hopefully, at least.”

Watch it here: GiveBackFilms/Youtube

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