They Just Asked About President Kamala, What They Heard Will Have Harris In Tears!


Vice President Kamala Harris (D) is now seeing something that is probably not making her very happy. It looks like she is well on her way to joining the legion of vice presidents who had bad polling numbers. For you history buffs out there, Dan Quayle under Bush the Elder wasn’t looked on too fondly, but when it comes to Kamala, she is now saying to him, “hold my beer….” That is because a new poll has shown that her unfavorability rating is now at an all-time high as Biden continues to get battered over the debacle in Afghanistan.

A new Rasmussen poll released last Thursday is now showing that there is now a majority of Americans (55%) who now believe that Kamala Harris is “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to assume the duties of the presidency if Joe Biden needs to be replaced.

Alternately, there were only 43% of individuals in this poll that said that Kamala Harris could be considered either “qualified” or “very qualified” to be president.

This is a drop of 6 percentage points from the same poll that had originally been taken in April. At that time, she was at least about even-steven, with 49% of respondents saying that she was qualified.

The precipitous fall of support for Harris is likely due to a number of factors, but the most notable one has to be due to the humiliating collapse of Afghanistan once the Taliban took over the country after they had driven out the United States.

However, even prior to this disaster in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris was losing ground. Her net favorability in July had turned negative for the first time when more Americans saw her as unfavorable than favorable. At that time, 45% approved while 47% disapproved. Prior to that poll, her rating was at least net equal, with 46% all either approving or disapproving. Not a good look for someone who is just one 78-year-old’s heartbeat away from the presidency.

Indeed, there was a separate poll from July that found that a majority of Americans had abject pessimism about the direction that our country was headed. 55% of respondents felt that the next 12 months would not go well for our country. This same poll was taken last May and found that only 35% of these respondents were that pessimistic.

Additionally, Vice President Kamala has also been criticized by some simply due to her decision to remain quiet during the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan after previously being very vocal about her role in these same decisions in Afghanistan. How is she going to address the fact that the Taliban is now in power? She doesn’t seem to want to tell us…

The Los Angeles Times gave Kamala a scathing assessment, saying that it would be best if she “owned” her part in the massive failure of the Biden Administration to handle the withdrawal mishaps after she tried to take credit for the decision to leave the country in the first place. Definitely not a good look for someone who was put in charge of the Southern Border crisis and failed miserably at that as well.