They Just Found Over 100 Ballot Trafficking Suspects!


The illegal ballot harvesting across many states was a conspiracy and not merely a coincidence. Many of those votes came from nursing homes except in New York, where Andrew Cuomo killed many potential voters.

True the Vote, using cameras located at the drop boxes and cell phone records they purchased reveal how many ballot harvesters and how many illicit drops there were.

Now, before her much-anticipated testimony in the Wisconsin Committee. True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht joined “Dave Michaels on the Dan O’Donnell Show” on Wednesday show.

During his appearance in the show, Engelbrecht dropped several bombs on her interview.  Today, True the Vote will present the hard evidence of ballot harvesting in the state.

Dave Michaels spoke with Catherine about her investigation into the hundreds of Democrat ballot traffickers across the nation in the 2020 presidential election.

During the interview, Dan announced that True the Vote purchased 25 terabytes of cell phone data from Milwaukee and other Wisconsin communities from October 20th to November 3rd. True the Vote examined the data and found over 53,000 visits to the drop boxes.

Several of the people visited the boxes over 15 times per day. We are witnessing similar antics in all of the battleground states.

This was a coordinated and highly organized effort by Democrats to steal an election.