This 54yr Old Model’s Message For Anyone Who Says She’s Too Old Is Absolutely Perfect…


A Canadian model and influencer silence critics by confidently flaunting her stunning physique in a bikini, proving age is just a number when it comes to beauty and self-expression.

Miss Twiggy, who now resides in Mexico, recently silenced her critics with a powerful message. At 54 years old, she faced backlash from people claiming she was “too old” to be in the spotlight. Defiantly, Miss Twiggy donned a leopard print bikini and took to TikTok to tell her haters to “shut their mouths and move out of her way.”

In the viral video, the influencer and wellness coach appeared poolside, with text on the screen asking, “isn’t 54 too old to…”. The words then vanished, replaced by the phrase “STFU (shut the f*** up) and get outta my way.” She also added a polite “please” to the caption. The video quickly gained traction, racking up over 284,800 views and garnering more than eleven thousand likes on TikTok alone.

Originally shared last year, the video has recently resurfaced and gone viral once again, thanks to Miss Twiggy’s stunning looks and enviable physique. She received a flood of compliments and support for her slim and strong body. One commenter wrote, “Absolutely gorgeous,” while another chimed in, “Class with a glass, wow. Stunning.” Others encouraged her to ignore the trolls and continue shining in the spotlight.

Miss Twiggy’s story is reminiscent of another inspiring woman, Leslie Carleton, who at 62 years old, has defied expectations and stuns in a swimsuit. She shared her journey and said, “I never imagined I’d look the way that I do in my 60s. The majority of people guess that I’m in my 40s and are shocked when I tell them I’m 62.” Leslie attributed her youthful appearance to a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and engaging in sports.

As more and more people came across Miss Twiggy’s story in Daily Mail, they expressed their admiration for her and questioned the negativity directed towards her.

One person commented, “She looks great. Why is there so much hate toward her? Are women just expected to hide in a cave when they hit thirty-five?!”

Another user praised her authenticity, saying, “No fakes here. A real woman, real curves, real aging, and no filters. My kinda gal.”

Miss Twiggy’s inspiring and bold response to her critics serves as a reminder that age is just a number, and everyone has the right to embrace their beauty and confidence. She’s defying societal norms and proving that it’s never too late to live life to the fullest.

As one supporter put it, “She looks amazing! If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Wish I looked like her.”

Source: AWM