This Church Learned Some Things About Their Priest That Had Them All Dropping Their Bibles…


The recent scandal involving a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Fresno, Father Guadalupe Rios, highlights the need for increased scrutiny and awareness in our religious institutions.

Father Rios has been banned from St. Joseph’s Church in Selma, California after parishioners discovered he was carrying an AK-47 and was “habitually under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.”

This incident exposes the moral degradation and lawlessness infiltrating our communities, often stemming from liberal policies that promote a lax attitude towards crime and drug use.

Father Rios’ double life unraveled when he lost his title, as investigations revealed his connections to drug trafficking, guns, gangs, and alcohol abuse. The Diocese of Fresno filed a restraining order against him, barring him from coming within 100 yards of St. Joseph’s Church.

The parishioners have been working to remove the former priest’s name from their marquee. The case raises questions about the consequences of the Democratic Party’s lenient policies on crime and drugs, which might have emboldened individuals like Father Rios to carry out their nefarious activities.

The Fresno Diocese’s restraining order was issued to protect other church employees, including Bishop Joseph Brennan, as they feared that the armed and potentially dangerous priest might return to cause harm to the innocent parishioners. Father Rios’ sinful activities came to light because he had posed with his cache of weapons, including an AK-47, an AR-556, and a .357 Magnum, and posted these images online. This discovery led to widespread panic among the parishioners, who were concerned for their safety.

Apart from his connections to gangs and firearms, and his drug and alcohol abuse, Father Rios is also accused of abusing his church secretary. He reportedly maintained a secret romantic relationship with her for five years, during which he physically and emotionally abused her to keep the affair under wraps. The secretary revealed that she endured unbearable abuse at his hands, exacerbated by his substance abuse and suicidal tendencies.

This case underscores the need for a strong conservative stance on crime and drugs in order to protect our communities and religious institutions from such threats. The liberal policies promoted by the Democratic Party have created an environment in which lawlessness and moral decline can flourish, as evidenced by Father Rios’ actions.

Moreover, court records revealed that Father Rios had been arrested for a DUI infraction in 2016, with a blood-alcohol level measured at 0.19, nearly twice the legal limit in California. This raises further questions about the efficacy of the state’s legal system, which is often criticized for its leniency and lack of deterrents for criminal behavior.

When the restraining order was approved, church employees undoubtedly felt safer. The police also seized the priest’s assault rifle and Magnum firearm from the church lockboxes. However, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for stronger conservative policies to counteract the lawlessness and moral decay that has seeped into our society, even within religious institutions.

Source: Digitaldredger