This Fully Automated McDonald’s Is Going Viral For Every Wrong Reason Imaginable..


Nestled in the heart of Texas lies the first-ever fully automated McDonald’s restaurant. Located just outside Fort Worth, this revolutionary establishment is entirely operated by machines—robots, to be precise. The cutting-edge technology aims to eliminate poor customer service and human interaction, allowing patrons to enjoy a quick bite at McDonald’s without any hassle.

At this state-of-the-art McDonald’s, customers can order and receive their food without having to engage with a “bothersome” human being. Instead, they are left to interact with machines, which, despite lacking independent thought, are prone to making mistakes during the order-making process.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle FoodieMunster documented their first visit to this fully automated McDonald’s. The video, which captured every aspect of the experience, sparked a heated debate on TikTok about whether McDonald’s should let go of all human employees and rely solely on robots for fast-food service.

Upon entering the Fort Worth McDonald’s, customers find themselves in unfamiliar territory. There are no human employees to greet them or take their orders at the counter. Instead, they place their orders on large touchscreens.

FoodieMunster explains in the video, “If you go inside, you’ll see that it’s like no other McDonald’s you’ve been to before. There’s one kiosk to order your food. You can go up front and pick up there. It’s designed for you to go in and out.”

In another viral TikTok clip, FoodieMunster demonstrates the restaurant’s drive-thru experience. Rather than receiving their order from a person, the food is delivered via a conveyor belt system.

“When you pull in [to the drive-thru], they will ask you for a code [you got when ordering]. And in no time, your food arrives. Got to say, it worked really well,” FoodieMunster said.

While this McDonald’s location claims to be “fully automated,” human beings still handle the food preparation in the kitchen. It may be several years before the fast-food giant invests in machines and robots to take over cooking duties as well.

The automated McDonald’s in Fort Worth has garnered mixed reactions on TikTok.

“Finally, my order will be quick and accurate,” said one user.

Another chimed in, “Awesome. No more attitude at the counter.”

“Maybe my order will finally be right,” added a third.

One user enthused, “Love it. No attitudes, crankiness, or incompetence, and as it moves to other parts of dining—no tips!”

However, not everyone is enamored with the idea of a fully automated restaurant.

“And if they forget an item, who are you supposed to tell, the robot?” questioned one skeptic.

“No thanks. I love the people that work there,” another user wrote. “I want to hear voices and see faces. I want to see smiles at both windows.”

As the debate continues, the fully automated McDonald’s near Fort Worth serves as a testament to the ever-changing landscape of the fast-food industry and the potential impact of technology on the way we dine.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: AWM