This Golden Went Missing For Nearly 2 Years. When He’s Reunited With His Family?…You’re Going Need To Get The Tissues!


This Golden Retriever, named Gunnar, went missing from his family’s home in Verona, Pennsylvania nearly two years ago. His family desperately searched everywhere for him, but unfortunately to no avail. Meanwhile, officers from Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control got a call about a dog roaming around Squirrel Hill, P.A. No one was able to get the dog because he was nervous and too quick. But they never gave up on trying to get the dog. Over the next few months, their search continued. They were finally successful!

Once they had him, they brought him to the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh, P.A. There, they checked for a microchip and were able to identify his family! They immediately notified them and they came to the shelter to pick him up. Their reunion was a tear-jerker for sure! Gunnar jumped up and put his paws on his human’s shoulder, as if he were giving him a big hug. Then he gave him endless kisses. So cute!

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