This Guy Tried To Steal A Car. Instead He Got The Funniest Dose Of Instant Karma Ever!!!

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They say what goes around comes around. And sometimes, for some people, that is not always a good  thing. Eventually karma will catch up with your bad behaviors and get you when you least expect it. That is exactly the case for this known car thief in the streets of Ireland. After spending about 30 minutes breaking into cars in the area, he lands himself trying to break into this Mercedes. Well he didn’t get what he expected at all and it is awesome. Wait until you see what happens in this car thief karma video.

 He was very persistent, leaving and coming back with an even bigger brick. He then received exactly what he deserved. Talk about instant car thief karma. The Mercedes-Benz owner came by shortly after this video and called the police. The thief was immediately arrested. All of the stolen merchandise he had taken that night was returned to the rightful owners. I’m impressed with the strength of that Mercedes’ glass!


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