This Handyman’s REVENGE on Criminal Squatters Was Absolutely PERFECT…


A determined handyman from Northern California reclaimed his mother’s vacant property by out-squatting unwelcome occupants who had moved in.

Flash Shelton, a Northern California handyman, was determined to reclaim his mother’s vacant property from squatters who had taken up residence there. In a video shared across social media platforms, Shelton demonstrated how he went to his mother’s house, armed with guns, and moved in while the squatters were away.

The viral footage depicts Shelton entering his mother’s house, weapons in hand, as he pushed his way through the door when the unwelcome occupants were not home. He shared the video on social media to illustrate his successful eviction of the squatters by moving into the residence himself while they were occupied elsewhere.

Shelton firmly stated, “If they could take a house, then I could take a house.” As a paying member of the United Handyman Association, he was infuriated that these squatters had trespassed into his mother’s home while it was unoccupied, rather than seeking a place of their own.

“They’re the squatter, and they have rights. Well, then, if I become the squatter on the squatter, then I should have rights, right?” said Shelton, who is white, in the video. He arrived at the house armed to the teeth and broke into his mother’s unoccupied property, which the squatters had been occupying. Entering the home while they were out, he was able to establish his presence inside, demonstrating his resolve to the squatters.

Shelton uploaded the video of his counter-squatting to his YouTube channel, titling it “How I removed squatters in less than a day.” The video, which has only been on YouTube for about two months, has already amassed over 3.3 million views and continues to grow in popularity.

In the video description, Shelton wrote:

“A family of Squatters broke in the back door and moved into my mom’s vacant house, and the Sheriffs wouldn’t do anything about it since the house had furniture and they made themselves at home, and I had heard horror stories about how the legal system gives the squatter more rights than the homeowner, so I decided to come up with a way on my own to get them out in less than a day. Here is my story. I don’t suggest that everyone take a chance as I did on their own. It’s worth noting that I have had special training and a license to carry and was prepared for whatever situation was to arise. The men and women I had to deal with remained peaceful and that may not always be the case. If you ever have a situation like this, it is best to expect the worst, and you will be prepared.”

In this bizarre story, Shelton took matters into his own hands to remove the squatters from his mother’s home. His story, a unique take on a revenge plot, showcases his determination to protect his family’s property and the lengths he went to in order to regain control.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: AWM