This Is The BIGGEST Flaw The Media Made During COVID!


With the revelation of Fauci’s emails, a whole new can of worms has opened up about the origins of COVID-19 and the early response to it.

Greg Gutfeld delves at the media’s response in the early days of the virus, or more especially, the lack thereof, in a recent discussion on “The Five.”

Gutfeld adds out that when COVID-19 first erupted in China, the media devoted all of their attention to that initial phony impeachment.

Rather than focusing on the disease that was spreading China, they chose to devote 24 hours a day to a false impeachment that ultimately failed horribly.

It’s also worth noting that the Democrats did the same thing. They couldn’t care less about the virus than about impeaching Trump.

According to The Daily Caller,

“I love how the media talked about how pristine Fauci’s emails were like that lady, Nicolle what’s-her-face? Wallace — ‘Oh, they’re so wonderful’ — They neglected to say that it’s his government email. He has a separate personal email. It is common for everybody to keep their government emails as bland as possible,” Gutfeld said, adding that he had always considered Fauci to be a bureaucrat and was not as furious with him as some seemed to be. (RELATED: ‘You Pass The Test’: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Fawns Over Fauci In First Interview After Email Dump)

“I’m more disgusted by the media, surprise, who once again, they refused to do their job. They are supposed to be heroes. Aren’t they supposed to open up the can of worms? When somebody says it’s a can of worms, they are supposed to like dive right onto the can, open it up, and suck all of the worms down,” Gutfeld continued, immediately realizing that his analogy was not the best.

“They did not do any legwork to dismiss the theory. They preferred to mock those who mentioned the theory as either stupid or racist. They kind of replaced their journalism with an anti-Trump fervor that caused them to miss perhaps the biggest story of their lives,” Gutfeld concluded. “Instead, they chose impeachment theater as the disease exploded because they wanted the optics, and because of that, hundreds of thousands of people died. So I blamed the Democrats on that because that is what they would do to Republicans.”

“To be fair, I mean, whether or not it was a lab leak or was a wet meat lab, I don’t think — the death number it would have still been the same,” cohost Richard Fowler argued.

“If they knew it came from a lab, they could have buttoned everything up,” Lisa Kennedy pushed back as the show cut to a commercial break.

The media only became interested in COVID once it appeared to be a tool to stifle Trump’s power.

Once again, proving that it’s all about politics. Imagine how different things would have been if they had tackled this infection sooner and from a different perspective.