This Painful Trend Went Viral And It’s Horribly Disturbing… But People Keep Doing It.


 This crazy new trend has just hit Facebook and went viral overnight. It seems people have taken the infamous Jim Carrey scene where he tapes his face in the movie Yes Man.  Now it seems everyone wants to temporarily distort their faces using clear office tape. Although this is disgusting looking, I cant turn away. My mother always said if you hold your face in one position long enough the expression will stick. Lets hope for these people that is not the case. Some of these are hilarious, most will haunt my dreams.

tape 1

This doesn’t look fun at all! 

tape 3

In fact it looks rather painful. 

tape 4

And incredibly disgusting! 

tape 4

But I can see the appeal. You can’t help but laugh at these distorted faces

tape 5

There are even a few Facebook pages dedicated to the “Cellotape Selfie”.

tape 6

I’ve gotta say, this is better and a lot safer than some of the viral challenges going around the internet. Although there is no real point to the madness. 

tape 7

Some of these are guaranteed to haunt your dreams! 

tape 8

A group cellotape selfie!? Now that’s commitment. I want to see the videos of them taking the tape off! OUCH!!!

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