This Transgender Spend Thousands To Get The Perfect Body, And The End Result Is…Well….


A transgender woman has unveiled her shocking look after spending $76,000 on plastic surgery. 56-year-old Fulvia Pellegrino, from the small town of Peveragno, Italy plans to spend more until she reaches ‘perfection’.

Fulvia didn’t dare to make the transformation after hiding the desire for 40 years. Fulvia was a biological male, but at the age of 15, Fulvia realized that she felt like a woman. There was no opportunity to change anything then, as Fulvia was raised in a religious and strict family.

Fulvia’s father also served in the clergy, and Fulvia knew that if he came out as trans, he would not be accepted by his family.

“I was living with my family who were very narrow minded and very religious. I never manifested my will because it was impossible with my dad. He had three sons and he wanted three sons only,” Fulvia said.

Throughout the years, Fulvia, who has full support from his wife Marisa, received more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, two series of liposuction, and four breast enhancements.

“It’s difficult to grow up with a body that’s not yours, so you try to mask it in every way you can: playing football, drinking beer, and buying 4x4s to feel like a man,” Fulvia added.

Fulvia kept her secret to herself until she met the love of her life, Marissa, 32 years ago. Not long after they got married, Fulvia started exploring life as a transgender woman. She began to visit gay bars and would dress in women’s clothes in the privacy of her own garage. However, outsiders had no idea that Fulvia was struggling with her gender identity because she put on macho front buying guns and luxury cars.

While Fulvia underwent hormone therapy and began talking to plastic surgeons about how she could get the body of her dreams, Marisa sought out support from a psychologist. Thankfully, Marisa continued to support Fulvia’s transition and did what she could to learn how to be accepting of her partner’s new identity.

For the past 16 years, the woman has “perfected” her body. But she is not going to stop since she has not reached her ideal yet. The beauty treatments cost $76,000 in total.

It was not easy for Fulvio’s wife to accept this. But she decided to stay with him because what matters is on the inside.

“Today, Marisa and I are no more than two sisters. We live together, we argue like two any other people, but not like husband and wife.”

Watch the transformation here: Truly/Youtube

Source: AWM