This Woman Heard An Announcement At Her Waffle House And Was Absolutely FLOORED…


A Panama City Beach Waffle House is getting attention for what its employees did during a shift change.

Mississippi resident Paige Price was at the restaurant around 9 a.m. when she snapped this picture. She was completely moved by the employees’ touching daily ritual. The woman overheard the manager say, “It’s shift change”. No big deal right? I looked over and noticed all of the workers gathering around each other, in a circle, some holding hands, and some taking their hats off,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I’m pretty sure I had a very weird look on my face because I had to ask myself a few times if this was real, if they were really about to pray before each of them went thier [sic] separate ways, if they were really about to PRAY and not care who they offened [sic]. They gathered in their little circle, spoke a soft prayer, and went on about their business. Why am I posting this? The world that Ive [sic] grown up in for 23 years is changing fast and to see this just made my heart smile. Maybe there’s hope for our country after all. I applaud these people for standing up for what they believe in and not worrying about offending others or what others may think/say about them,” she added.

We live in a world where people are perpetually offended by acts of Christianity, so Paige couldn’t believe the unabashed display of faith in a public place, prompting her to take a photo. When the prayer came to a close, the participants dispersed and went about their individual business. It was clear that prayer was a common practice at this Waffle House, and each employee was unashamed of doing it in front of patrons.

Bravo to this bold manager who operates that Waffle House by honoring God and blessing the employees. She is a great leader in her small corner of this country and an excellent example to her employees. If you are offended by prayer, you might want to avoid this restaurant, but I’ll be sure to visit if I ever get the chance.

According to Opposing Views, Paige’s post quickly went viral, with many praising the Waffle House employees for praying with each other, and Price for sharing the moment with the world.

“This should be done by more business, instead of taking everything down, and not saying things like God bless you and Merry Christmas,” one reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“This is showing we believe that Jesus Christ is our savior and we aren’t changing for anyone. We need more of this and less of the hate thats over take our world. Amen,” another wrote.

“May the ‘shift change’ circle continue to circle through many more facilities that have the courage to do so,” another added.

“Love this. It’s time that We all begin to fight and stand up for what we believe. And whether we believe it or not if the word of God says it ,then we need to make a stand,” another commented on Price’s post.

Source: OpposingViews