Thug BLM Mob SWARMED This Truck, Then It Got REALLY UGLY..[VIDEO]


If you want proof that there are people in the world that cannot handle it when someone disagrees with them, all you have to do is look at what the BLM mobs are doing.

You have people burning down businesses that have nothing to do with why they are mad, and harming people that have nothing to do with why they are mad.

It would be like if I had a relative that forgot to send me a birthday card, and I kicked over my neighbor’s mailbox. Pretty darn stupid…

Recently, NPR reported (see below) that during the riots, suddenly there were 50 cases of “right-wing extremists” turning their cars into deadly weapons. From the title and the article, NPR makes it seem like the drivers are at fault until videos begin to pop up like the one below.

Left-wing or right-wing, if someone feels their life is in danger, they will hit the gas to get out of the situation. What would NPR have this frightened man do when the crowd swarms his truck?

Provo, Utah was the scene of two opposing groups, Back the Blue and BLM, who had gathered on the street corners yelling back and forth. The Back the Blue group, had planned a family-style police appreciation event and then the BLM protesters caught wind of the event. According to the Back the Blue organizers, the BLM group stood in the street blocking traffic.

A local reporter caught video of a truck trying to get through the BLM crowd when the people in the street refused to move. The truck slowed down, but when people swarmed him, he hit the gas. Suddenly, you can hear a shot ring out. One of the protesters shot the driver of the truck who sped away.

Later, the Provo Police Department confirmed that a man shot into the truck hitting the driver:

Provo City Police were made aware of a planned Police Rally and a Counter-protest scheduled for last night. Both events coincided without incident until 8:38 pm when a call was received regarding possible gunshots and a hit and run. Shortly thereafter, we received another call regarding a shooting victim at Utah Valley Hospital.

Numerous citizens and protesters provided video footage. A white SUV was driving south on University Avenue before pulling into the right turn lane in an attempt to turn onto Center Street. Several protesters began crowding around the vehicle. A male protester ran to the SVU on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at the driver, and shot one round through the window.

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