Tomi Lahren Asks Black Radio Host If Black Lives Matter Is a ‘Positive’ Movement — Listen to His Blunt Response


TheBlaze TV host Tomi Lahren asked radio show host Tommy Sotomayer what he thinks of the Black Lives Matter movement, and he gave her a blunt answer.

In an appearance Monday on Lahren’s evening show Tomi, Sotomayer claimed that Black Lives Matter activists are both “like the retarded kids in the class” and “a bunch of women that want a lot of attention.”

“They’re like the — I hate using the word, but I can’t find another one right now — retarded kids in the class. They literally can do whatever they want to, and the rest of the world is supposed to let them do it because they don’t know any better,” Sotomayer told Lahren.

The radio host said Black Lives Matter protesters have “interrupted” both conservative and progressive factions, arguing that the activists “have no alliance anywhere.”

“Their job is to just be gnats and irritate and to get face time,” Sotomayer said.

But perhaps the boldest claim was when he asserted that Black Lives Matter protesters are overwhelmingly women who are in search of attention.

“I want a lot of your listeners and viewers to go and look at the faces of most of the Black Lives Matter,” Sotomayer said. “It’s usually a bunch of women. It’s a bunch of women that want a lot of attention.”

Radio host and social media activist Tommy Sotomayer joins me tonight at 8pm ET to talk #OscarsSoWhite, Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and more. Visit to watch.

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Monday, February 29, 2016

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