Trudeau Just Backpedaled BIG TIME On One Of His Major…


While many would think that Justin Trudeau revoke his emergency act out of goodwill, well, it isn’t the real case.

While Canadian people have been protesting and people around the world are condemning, Trudeau has decided to relent. And should be the real headline here.

The BlackfaceHitler was on the top of Twitter trending around the world. People are now speculating that his political career is overdue to his recent actions.

There are only two things that we can expect to happen here, either the people of Canada do the right thing and vote this tyrant out or the elections in Canada rigged by left-wingers who believe they are protecting ‘democracy’.

Trudeau televised to the entire world:

Here’s an excerpt from PJ Media reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that the unfreezing of bank accounts has already begun.

The move came ahead of the upcoming Senate vote on extending the power of the Emergencies Act for 30 days (or longer).

“The situation is no longer an emergency,” Trudeau said, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “We are confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe.”

Canadian Senate was growing ‘frustrated’ by pressures to approve the Emergencies Act. Here’s a report from the National Post:

The NDP voted with the Liberals, arguing that it was a confidence vote and now was not the time to plunge the country into an election.

But that trick likely won’t work with Senators, who are growing increasingly frustrated that they feel forced to rubber stamp government legislation.

Many of them wanted to know on what basis the government decided to invoke the Emergencies Act in the first place. That information has not been made available to Parliament, most notably ongoing investigations and intelligence information.

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