Trudeau Threatening To Charge You Criminally If You Donated To The Freedom Truckers!


The leftist’s manipulative ideology is no longer a surprise, but this recent move of the Trudeau government is on a whole new level.

Recently, GuFundMe was able to raise a hefty $10 Million to support the Freedom Convoy 2022 until the leftist company took it down and announced they would steal the donations and turn it over to woke groups of their choosing.

Fortunately, after several US Attorneys General announced they will open investigations on the radical leftist company, GuFundMe, later on, backed down.

But the Trudeau government is now threatening Americans who donated to the massive GoFundMe to support the Freedom Convoy 2022. Wow! Really?

On Monday, Canadian officials have confirmed that they will investigate Americans who have supported financially the Freedom Convoy 2022 and will look at the intent of the donors who are trying to undermine public safety with that being said, the FBI will always be happy to help them out.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Reading from a prepared statement, Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino stated the Canadian government intends to target any American who may have donated to the Freedom Convoy protest effort.  The Canadian government wants to scare Americans away from donating to support the Freedom Protest in Ottawa.

Minister Mendicino identified the Ottawa protest group as a “violent”, “hate” group.  The Ottawa truck drivers were described as an “angry, loud, intolerant and violent crowd,” who “threaten the national security of Canada.”

Canadian TV News also reported:

Mendicino said on Monday that Canada has a “robust” intelligence community that will flag to the government concerns of national security, as well as a separate branch within the RCMP that looks into these types of issues.

“That’s why I’m certainly confident that wherever there’s foul play of the sort, that we’ll be in a position to act appropriately,” said Mendicino.

The public safety minister added that there are laws in place that prohibit anyone from contributing to an initiative that undermines national security.

“If, for example, someone was contributing with the intent of either causing public harm or trying to undermine public safety, that would be something that would be against the law and there would be appropriate sanctions for that if proven in the court of law,” he said.

Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair added that it is necessary to cast a light on the sources of funding who are endorsing “illegal activity.”

“I think when [Canadians] understand the source of some of this funding, it helps them understand the motivation of this protest – who is actually behind it – and I think it also reveals some of the false nature of claims being made and the positions being put forward,” he said on Monday.

This has always been a chronic event. If the left can no longer handle the situation, they will always try to charge you.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Conservative Treehouse, Canadian TV News