TRUE STORY!: Man Goes To Dentist, Wakes Up N*ked With NO TEETH

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An Indiana man went to the dentist for a simple procedure but a few hours later woke up naked in the hospital with no teeth.

Donny Grigsby says he went to White River Dental in Columbus March 15 to have four teeth pulled because of an abscess. Nearly six hours later, his wife learned the dentist decided to pull all his teeth to prevent the infection from spreading, Fox40 reports. Now they plan to sue.

“I am so ashamed now,” Grigsby told Fox40. “I have no teeth. I woke up with no clothes on. I was scared.”

Grigsby’s wife Amanda said she became so worried because of the length of the procedure that she forced her way to her husband in the dental office. She was incredulous that they had pulled all his teeth, and said he had been given too much sedative. He was then rushed to the hospital.

“And my husband is sitting up, kind of sideways on the chair, and they’re shooting icing into his mouth,” Amanda told Fox59, describing what she saw at the dentist office. “I’m assuming for a glucose type effect. There’s blood everywhere, like his shirt is entirely covered, his mouth is pouring blood. And he has no teeth. He’s grumbling inaudibly.”

Grigsby says he is still in pain and is on oxygen because of blood clotting.

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“That’s like going in and having something a simple carpel tunnel surgery, and you wake up with no arm,” he told The Indianapolis Star. “You know, you wasn’t prepared for that.”

Doctor Aaron Strickland, the accused dentist, said he cannot address the specific allegations because privacy laws prevent him from talking publicly about a patient without express written consent. He defended himself in a statement:

“I assure you that every patient and/or legal guardian has the treatment explained to them thoroughly, and all the proper consent forms are signed prior to any treatment being performed on any patient at White River Dental. I, as well as all of our well trained staff, strive in every situation to make sure the patient and/or legal guardian understands all issues that may arise prior to accepting the treatment plan, as well as making sure they understand our due diligence in securing positive final results.”


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