Trump And Alec Balwin Go At It On Twitter After Trump Says His Impersonation Of Him ‘Can’t Get Any Worse’


Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin got into a Twitter feud after Trump anxiously attempted watching the not so funny skit performed by SNL star Balwin this weekend. Honestly, I didn’t find it too entertaining either. He tries really hard to offend the guy, resulting in a not so funny impersonation of the President-elect. What a joke. I side with Trump on this one…FAIL!

VIA| The cold opener Saturday night ridiculed the president-elect’s tendency to retweet random followers on Twitter when they praise or compliment him.

Pretty pathetic…right? How can you blame Trumpf or turning to Twitter to reach out to his followers when he is being sabotaged and muted by the main stem media?

Trump hilariously responded to the Tweet, as Trumply as as we’d expect him to:

 “Just tried watching Saturday Night Live — unwatchable!” Trump tweeted Saturday night. “Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad.”

Alec Baldwin, who portrays Trump on the show, replied to Trump’s criticism and told him to release his tax returns.

(Photo: Twitter screengrab)

Do you agree with Trump? Does Alec’s impersonation suck as bad as he claims? Or did you find this skit to be hilarious?


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  1. Think it’s time SNL go onto something else. Like maybe Obama and what a great President hes been..or Hillary and her emails and Bengazi!!! Or how about Kim Bassinger and what a great husband Alec Baldwin was..or better yet..let’s hear someone portraying him screaming at his young daughter on the phone and calling her a pig. Yea ..let’s do that!

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