You probably heard about all the idiots in California protesting the Trump rally. But did you know they attacked children too? Well they did…and it was brutal!


Donald Trump and his supporters keep taking the heat for his ‘violent’ rallies, when stories continue to reveal the real thugs responsible for the problem are the out-of-control Trump protesters. Overly-dramatic liberals who tried to pepper spray Trump supporters ended up injuring young children with pepper spray.

Kris Murray, city councilwoman in Anaheim, California, put forth a resolution to condemn Donald Trump. She staged a rally at city hall for citizens to react. Ironically, Murray tried to spread the message that Trump is responsible for ‘hate-filled rhetoric,’ which she says he aims at minorities.

As citizens were invited to take the podium, it became quickly apparent that only Trump’s detractors were actually welcome to speak out. As what seems to be the norm now, Trump haters attempted to stifle the free speech of those in support of Trump. One Trump protestor pulled out pepper spray and sprayed five Trump supporters.

Two of the victims of the attack were little girls, ages 8 and 11.

A Hispanic woman, there to support Trump, pulled out a Taser and threatened the liberals to stop the violence. The crying children were treated by paramedics on the scene.

Ironically, most of Trump supporters at the rally were minorities. Chenell Temple, an African-American citizen who came to speak out, told Murray, “You are not representing the people, you are representing your own incentives and goals.”

Murray has long been accused of pandering to the minority vote, and some suspect she was merely seizing the opportunity here to stir up controversy. And it worked, but she’s not going to come out of this looking very good.

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