Trump Was RIGHT!! THIS Just Happened to Van of Illegals Headed to Texas Border

Illegal Immigration

Donald Trump’s concerns about border security were once again vindicated. The mainstream media are, of course, skipping over this very important news story because it does not fit their liberal narrative. There is no logical argument for allowing our southern border to remain porous and put Americans at risk.

A van full of illegal immigrants from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon crashed, spilling out 26 illegal immigrants in a brutal crash.

Five people were killed in the crash, and most of the other illegal immigrants were sent to area hospitals with serious to severe injuries, Breitbart reports.

The armed Mexican cartel guards and driver fled the scene.

You do not know and will never meet these 26 illegal immigrants, but you will be paying for their medical bills and their overall care if they recover to be held while awaiting deportation hearings.

Mexican authorities claim the illegal immigrants are not from their county, but they actually hail from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Exactly how they knew the identities and homelands of these people, if they did not officially allow them to cross the border, remains unknown.

Five children were reportedly among those injured when the van full of illegal immigrants crashed.

Their blood and pain is on Obama’s hands.

Were it not for Obama laying out the welcome mat, their mothers might not have tried to bring them across the border illegally.

I do not blame the illegal immigrants for trying to sneak into the greatest country on earth—if I was born elsewhere, I would also want to live in a land of freedom where you are limited only by your own efforts.

I blame our federal government and elected officials from both parties who have refused to enforce the law for far too long by turning a blind eye to the growing problem.

When Donald Trump is elected, the message that the welcome mat has been rolled up and put away will come across loud and clear—and potentially save the lives of more innocent children in the process.


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  1. Maybe Obama’s plan to turn our nation into a Third World shithole is actually patriotic. Think about it: if life here is as squalid and miserable as it is everywhere else, there’d be no incentive to sneak across our borders, right? (Kindly ignore the drip of sarcasm here…)

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