Trump Team Has Diagnosed Hillary’s ‘Lack of Stamina’ Problem, And It Is Serious


Via Breitbart | Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson stated that reports of Hillary Clinton’s “dysphasia, the fact that she’s fallen,” need to be “addressed” on Thursday’s “MTP Daily.”

Pierson said that Trump has “said that she doesn’t have the strength or stamina for a very long time. That part is nothing new. What’s new are the other reports of the observations of Hillary Clinton’s behavior and mannerisms, specifically with what you just showed in those previous clips, as well as her dysphasia, the fact that she’s fallen, she has had a concussion.”

She added, “It’s something that needs to be addressed. She’s taken a lot of time off the campaign trail. She hasn’t had a press conference this year.”

(h/t Daily Beast)

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