TRUMP’S Claimed ’13-Yr-Old ‘RAPE VICTIM’ Drops Interviews AND LAWSUITS! Well, Who Woulda Thought?

US News

In a dramatic reversal just days before the election, Donald Trump’s child rape accuser has dropped her case against him.

“Katie Johnson’s” (she has not revealed her real name) lawsuit was filed in California in April 2016.


According to the official court papers, there was no corroborative evidence available to validate her claims.

On Wednesday, “Katie” had a press conference scheduled where she was going to, presumably, share her story with the media and the public. But the press conference was abruptly called off because, according to her, she was “too afraid” due to “threats” directed at her.


“Katie” has yet to give a reason for dropping her lawsuit entirely. It, of course, comes as a surprise to many people – especially in light of how adamant “Katie” was about her accusations just days ago.

According to an interview by The Daily Mail conducted before the suit was dropped, “Katie” said, “We would have a rapist in the White House. I would feel horrified every single day if I stay in this country.”

With the dropping of this suit, the Clinton campaign and its supporters lose a major talking point against Donald Trump.


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