Tucker Carlson Just Took Woke Liberals To The Woodshed Again!


Tucker Carlson mocks the defenders of the teen who was brandishing a knife and lunging at another girl before being apprehended by a Columbus cop.

In the tragic and unfortunate incident, a teen armed with a knife was pursuing another teen, but the cop intervened and prevented the other teen from being stabbed.

Liberals have chastised the officer, claiming that he should have tried a different route. Others applaud the officer for rescuing the other young lady.

During his 9-minute video, Tucker Carlson makes a few sarcastic remarks, saying, “Knife fights are human rights. Stabbing can finally come out of the closet… The right to stab has been restored.”

His remark highlights the liberal media’s attempt to portray the incident as something perfectly natural that teenagers do all the time.


Watch it here: USA Today

The security footage from a neighbor’s house directly across the street from Ma’khia Bryant’s home has been posted.

The video shows what happened when an angry teen with a knife attempted to stab people on the scene from a totally different perspective.

Donovon Brinson (pictured below) recovered the brief surveillance video from a camera installed on his garage across the street from Bryant’s house after the incident in which a police officer shot the boy, who later died in the hospital.

He handed the video over to the cops and said that he thinks more people would have died if Bryant hadn’t been fired.

A police car can be seen pulling up outside the house as Bryant walks down the driveway, charging at one of the people standing in the driveway. Bryant is seen with a knife in his hand before charging at two other women.

Brinson bravely appeared on Fox News to share his story, saying of the officer who shot Bryant, “From my point of view, he only had seconds to react.”

Other residents have spoken out in favor of the need to shoot Bryant, who was angry and wielding a huge knife.

Another neighbor, Ira Graham III, said he heard gunshots Tuesday afternoon and saw cop cars speeding down the street. “I believe in reality and facts,” Graham said after seeing the police footage. He said, “Video does not lie.” “She was in complete attack mode,” says the narrator.

The woman dressed in pink, according to Graham, was “actually pointing a knife at this young lady.”

“At that moment, she needed to be stopped. Graham said, “The young lady’s life was on the line.”

Temporary According to Columbus Police Chief Michael Woods, state law allows officers to use lethal force to defend themselves or others.

Bryant was a 16-year-old Franklin County Children’s Services foster boy. Following the trial verdict that found police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, her death has caused outrage in the city and around the country.

Nicholas Reardon, the officer involved in Bryant’s death, has been suspended from service pending the outcome of the investigation.

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