VIRAL: Devastating Video Catches Hillary Laughing About 4,424 Dead US Troops

Viral WTF

As a result of the collapse of the Middle East during the Obama administration, the issue of the Iraq war has become a leading argument in this election cycle, with both major party nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, arguing that the war was a mistake in the first place.

Trump has attacked Clinton repeatedly for saying that she is against the Iraq War now, even though she voted in 2003 to give President George W. Bush the green light to invade Iraq.

A video has begun circulating the internet showing Clinton talking about her “mistake” of voting for the war. The video was apparently from a Clinton interview, though it was not stated in the video when the interview was made.

“I say in my book I made a mistake giving the Bush administration the authority that I voted for. Just shows you how hard it is to make these choices, which is why I’ve gone with the book,” said Clinton in the video.

But the most sickening part of the video was Clinton starting to laugh during the last half of the second sentence. Apparently she thought that authorizing the deaths of 4,424 American troops (not mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqis) was funny.

The video continued repeating the line that she laughed about, showing images of slain American troops fromIraq, as well as some graphic photos from the war.

This video has been posted on several Twitter accounts, but appeared to have originated on the Twitter account of Jeanette Verdista, a supporter of Green Party nominee Jill Stein, and it has a link to Sen. Bernie Sanders website in the upper right hand corner.

It was also posted on a parody Mike Pence Twitter account, which some news outlets have apparently mistaken for his actual account.

Regardless of who was behind the video, it shows the true Clinton. She doesn’t care that thousands of American troops died because of her mistake. She apparently thinks that it is funny that she screwed up so badly as to lead to the death of thousands of Americans.


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