WATCH: Chick Claims Her Millionaire Boyfriend Is Beating Her Up…But Then He Sets Up A Camera And Presses Play

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Ever had a bad breakup? Not like this one! THIS whackjob is a special kind of evil … and it’s all caught on video.

It’s a good thing he caught her pulling this stunt on the video, below. Who knows what would have happened to him?

First, there were allegations that she gutted $2 Million of jewellery from his safe.

Earlier this year, Mitchell filed a lawsuit against the 29-year-old, and her parents Linda and Michael Hunt.

He claims helped her hide the high-end jewels which include 99 three-diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings and 172 loose diamonds.

After she was sent packing, surveillance footage shows Hunt and her mother mailing a package at a UPS store in Florida on August 11.

…Mitchell told police he received a drunken call from her father around a week later
During the conversation he said Michael Hunt told him that UPS had delivered a box of jewels to his home on Pirates Point, Virginia.

In a recording, provided by Mitchell, Hunt says: ‘These are bracelets, these are diamonds, they’re every … thing.’

Second were the allegations of physical abuse against Mitchell.

But the footage tells a different story:

Watch the crazy unleashed:

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