WATCH – Detective Comes Forward, Reveals Surprising Thing Trump Did to Stop Rape in NYC

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The Washington Post is exposing its partisan political bent to the Left by trotting out a story about a “lewd” conversation that Donald Trump had over a decade ago. But real people are coming to his defense by exampling stories of how he has been generous, supportive and hands-on when it comes to helping and protecting women throughout his life.

In a viral Facebook post released by Trump supporters, a video chronicles just one of the many things that Donald Trump has done to help keep women safe. In the video, a former New York City Police Department detective talks about the East Side Rapist case’ a case that haunted Manhattan for years in the 1990s. Had it not been for Donald Trump’s role in disseminating critical information about the rapist, many more women would have been brutally raped by this predator.

It is unsung acts like this – dozens and dozens in number – that relegate stories like the one the Washington Post published to the ash heap of disingenuous political rhetoric. If we must be subjected to this kind of political banter with just a month left to the election, then all of the information about how Trump has helped and supported the female community should come out.

In keeping with his outward support of the law enforcement community, Donald Trump’s past actions have validated his claims. Time after time, when called upon by our brave men and women of law enforcement to lend support or aid, Trump has stood up to the task and come through for the men and women in blue.

“In the late 90’s I was involved in a case called the East Side Rape Case,” the NYPD detective said. “The case was a serial rapist who at gunpoint raped and sodomized at least 16 victims. It was a terror campaign that went on for at least 3 years.”

The detective explained how the case – a predatory exercise in brutality and violence – haunted the man to this day. Cases of extreme violence and brutality usually do affect people in law enforcement and EMS, just as horrific battles affect the men and women of our military.

“We were doing all we could to capture this rapist,” the detective continued. “I wanted to do a mailing in the community. The mailer was so important to us; to get it to every single person that lived in the areas where he was attacking these women. The mailers cost anywhere from between $10,000 and $40,000 to do, and Mr. Trump willingly gave the [money] that we needed, and that happened just within a few days.”

This is the kind of hands-on, do-what-I-can-to-help mentality that Donald Trump possesses. When called upon to do what is needed – or to do what is right – he has routinely stepped up to the proverbial plate. Where the Washington Post wants to attempt to smear the man for a “guy talk” conversation (and I’m sorry ladies, every guy has had a “guy talk” conversation, it’s just a fact), his actions walk the walk where his regard for females – and their safety – are concerned.

“Donald Trump was definitely a leader, who stepped up for the cops, the detectives and the women in this case. There is absolutely no doubt,” the detective is on record as saying. In the case of the East Side Rapist, Donald Trump proved his regard for women. This stands in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, who routinely covered for her serial sexual predator husband when women reported that he had raped them.

Who knows, maybe Donald Trump could donate some funds to the law enforcement agencies that should have investigated the Clinton sexual assaults. Maybe then, Hillary could be wearing orange for her obstruction of justice instead of running for president of the United States.


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